Trouble shoot problem with my Roo UPNP

Chrome gives you a sad little face and the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. I have had this raspberry pie up now for over a year. I re-booted it and now cannot connect no matter what I do. I type the address into browser (Chrome or Safari), as I would normally, and I get the error. Obviously Roon is spinning its wheels looking for the Squeezebox device. It acts as a Bridge to my Naim ND5XS.

You could try to start all over again: flash the latest Ropieee XL on the sd card and reinstall everything… Doesn’t loose data or so …

Yep, the OS has gone south.

I was thinking that, thanks for replying guys. I downloaded Pi ARM V6 and V8, I think I use V8 software, I have Raspberry Pie 4 w/4gb purchased in January 2022. Does Pie ARMv8 sound right?

you just need Ropieee XL for the Pi4 - or are you also using the Pi for something else then Roon endpoint?

Hi, no just Roon, I’ve been using RooExtend UPNP. Is Ropieee XL a different app?

It’s a different operating system for the pi it includes the UPnP bridge that RooUPnP uses underneath but is free to use. If you want help with Roo UPNP reach out to the developer you paid money to.