Trouble with AAC again Qnap

Since the latest Qnap firmware release and the Roon update.

AAC radio streams were playing, then they cut out and now they will not play… Any thoughts?

Edit, some AAC streams work but higher quality fails to load.

Was there an update to ffmpeg?

Not that I know of… I can play aac radio station at the lower rates but not BBC 320 kbps streams…

According to the qpkg Change Log any previously installed ffmpeg would automatically be migrated to the “RoonOnNas/bin directory”. I checked at the time and this is what happened in my setup and is dated correctly, no upgrade of ffmpeg.

BBC 320 kbps amongst others working on my install, not sure why it’s not playing on yours Chris.

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Funnily enough I was going to post last night saying I’d moved through QTS versions (4.5.4 > 5.0) and it was all working fine. I did the old method of installing ffmpeg through the qnap app dir and then using putty to move it following some instructions I’ve since lost using commands I barely understand etc. This afternoon it stopped working so I grabbed a newer version of ffmpeg (John Van Sickle - FFmpeg Static Builds) and stuck it in the directory the roon app suggested (RoonOnNAS/bin) - much easier and working again. So you weren’t alone!

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I have fiddled about and replaced the ffmpeg file and things seem to be working again… Let’s hope it lasts… Cheers…

See also guide on setting up AAC Play functionality in Roon on Qnap by adding a link pointing to Cayin ffmpeg for AMD based Qnap with QTS v5.0