Roon does not read ACC files

Success report and guide on setting up missing AAC Play functionality in Roon on Qnap by adding a link pointing to Cayin ffmpeg.

Earlier I used the Daniel Murphy workaround, which stopped working for me after upgrading the NAS firmware to 5.x.x.1891.

Qnap Firmware
AMD Ryzen processor
Roon Core v1.8 (build 884) stable

  1. Make sure that the NAS ssh service is running and enabled. Go to Control Panel > Telnet > SSH

  2. Start WinSCP on the Windows machine and press the New Session tab:

  3. Set the WinSCP connection parameters as follows.

    • Make sure to select SFTP as the file protocol.
    • Make sure to have the port number the same as the ssh port on the NAS.
    • The ftp service does not have to run on the nas in order the following guide to work:
  4. Press Login

  5. Navigate to /share/RoonServer/RoonOnNAS/bin/

  6. Press New and select Link from the drop down menu


  7. Enter text

    • Fill in the Link/shortcut file textfield with: ffmpeg
    • Fill in the Point link / shortcut to textfield with:


    (Background info:
    the source of this path was taken from the following location.
    I have navigated to /usr/local/cayin/bin and
    pressed right mouse clik on ffmpeg > select Edit Link… from the menu)

    I could read out the path the link should be pointing to from here:


    I hope this will remain untouched after firmware updates

    Result after having successfully added the link:

  8. Now let us restart the Roon Core.

  9. Test with a Roon client if the AAC play functionality works.

  10. Terminate the session and close the WinSCR application

    On the NAS Control Panel do not forget to disallow the SSH connection (security) by pressing the checkmark and pressing apply:

    Next step: test if it survives a firmware update.

    The content of the folder was:

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