Trouble with tidal streaming

Tidal streaming is slow and unregular! I dont think it is my network. When i play tidal without roon, there is no problem!!
Has anyone else this problem?

Tidal not working for me at all right now. Qobuz is fine.

There is an issue with Tidal at the moment. For some it’s an authentication issue as they changed this process in last Roon update. It’s forcing some to keep having to enter login details it has its own pop up now to do this or its logging off completely. I keep getting this and Tidal will stop until you logout and log back in. Ore sometimes it’s fully logged itself out. There are quite a few tickets out there. There also has been some Roon outages the other day. I also suspect with the world on lock down are humble internet is under more load than ever with everybody at home all the time.

Same here. I have to log out and log in again.
After a few hours I have to go over the same routine again. Very annoying indeed.

There is also this problem with me !! What to do?