Trouble with two-disc set and Hebrew artist name

I followed the instructions for the KB article to create a two-disc set, all files in one folder, disc and track filename suffixes, Track and Disc tags…

Roon shows two albums in the artist page:


Here’s the first album:

And the second:

I cannot figure out the cause for the tracks getting grouped this way. I’d appreciate your help with unifying these.

The second issue is the all-tracks-performed-by artist that Roon assigns to these albums and the default primary artist, one that I unchecked:


Indeed a previous revision of the file tags and file folder had the misspelling (an ASCII apostrophe instead of the Unicode Hebrew apostrophe-like character). I revised all the file tags though Roon didn’t pick up this change, even after rescans and deleting then adding the files.

Could you please let me know how to convince Roon of the proper spelling of the Primary Artist and all-tracks-performed-by?

Thank you.

Hi, @Lena_Berg, thanks for your report!

For the first issue you are having there is a workaround here, you can merge these albums together:

  1. Select both (Right Mouse Button click on one then another)
  2. On the showed up at the top of your screen seletion bar cpress edit button
  3. In Album Option tab select Merge Albums option.

For the second issue. There basically two types of artist – Album Artist and Primary Artist. Album Artist it the you see the of in the Album Browser or on the Overview Page and Primary Artist’s name is visible when you enter Album Details page and basically it’s a link. See the screenshot below:

That’s how I edit them:

That’s the result of my actions, and how Roon sees these roles:

Hope it will help!


@ivan, thank you very much for cluing me into the merge feature. It worked! Trouble with the all-tracks-performed-by persists:

Note the correctly spelled artist link beneath the album name and the incorrectly spelled performed-by artist link.

Here’s the primary artist:

Good to hear that, @Lena_Berg!

As far as I can tell from your Screen Shot that Primary Artist you do not want to show up is coming from your file tags. Could you please show them to me? I mean a screenshot of file tags from on of your media files.



@ivan, here is one file:

Your hypothesis is corroborated by this:

Thanks, @Lena_Berg, may I ask you to share that file with me? I will contact you via PM with more details.