True-Fi plug in?

Not sure how this would work, but a Sonarworks True-Fi plug in would bring a degree of optimised headphone DSP to a wider audience than just the Audeze owner…


+1 on Sonarworks.

It’s the only reason I am still using Audirvana (well, that and support for MQA first unfold :roll_eyes: ).

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I’m in the same boat.

+1 vote for Sonarworks compatiblity. Headphone and room correction utilities liike these are going to become more and more common.

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So as of now Roon and Sonarworks True Fi are not compatible? I try to use True Fi with Audirvana Plus but it constantly crashes.

+1 from me too. Integration done as a DSP.

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Yeah… and just as a data point, I would happily pay whatever license fee + markup Roon would collect for the privilege.

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