Try to play this Album - it is listed but cannot be played

Can anyone explain, why it is listed, but cannot be played?

Set for release as a two-disc digipak on November 18.

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And why is it listed therefore?

Possibly because Tidal has marked it as a pre-release and passed the information to Roon. Usually, in such cases, one or two tracks are available and playable ahead of the release date as teasers. That’s what I see in the case of Qobuz, at any rate (I don’t subscribe to Tidal).

This particular album is not yet showing up in Qobuz.

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Both Tidal and Qobuz do the pre-release dance a fair bit.
Quite often you will find them releasing a teaser track or two from said albums to whet your appetite.


Yes. For example:

Last week was available only one track. This week two.


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