Trying to add two new stations: KNZR and KERN

I want to add two new stations: KNZR and KERN. i cannot get it to work using the url while i am on the stream. what am i not understanding?

Also, is there a way to use the address of a stream created by amazon music playlists? I tried it and it did not work, but then i have no idea of how to actually do it and get anything to work. Any advice?

…OK… got KERN working but KNZR looked good when I created it but when I try to play, it doesn’t work.

Hello @James_Chism and welcome to live radio.

I’ve added KNZR and KERN for you. US streaming only.

They should work, but as I am in the UK, it is difficult for me to test fully.

(The KNZR stream from TuneIn does cause Roon problems, but I found an alternative).

Regarding an Amazon playlist, I understand these can be converted to Roon playlists, see for example

Soundiiz may be able to do it too.

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