Trying to organize my TIDAL content (in Roon) by "Artist" or "Genre"

I have downloaded Roon in the hope that I can manage my Tidal favourites. My system, in case it matters, is 6 Sonos zones playing through various Linn systems. What I hoped to do is manage my Tidal “My Music” “Albums” so that they are organised by artist or genre or anyway other than date added. Am I hoping for something that does not exist ?

Yes you can view them by artist or genre and much more. There is also discovery that shows you different things from your Tidal favorites for you to explore and and focus to narrow things down to various selections that can then be bookmarked and recalled quickly.

See this from the userguide and click on some of the links for more.

In the Album browser you will find a sort menu to the top right which can present albums by Artist, Date of Recording, Most Played or Date Added. A switch next to the menu lets you reverse such orders.

The Focus Tools are accessed at the top left of the browser screen. Use them to filter the albums in your view in various ways. Click on the tools and menus to see how they work. Each filter can be reversed by toggling + to -.

The User Guide will help reduce the learning curve generally.