Trying to register HQPlayer 3 but I can't select XML file

I have a few macs in my house running Roon Bridge, and usually it’s easy to add HQPlayer to the mix. Install and then select the hqplayer3-lx-key.xml file to register.

But for some reason the xml file can’t be selected. The OPEN button is grayed out. Any ideas? HQPlayer runs fine in demo mode, though. (MacBook Pro, running High Sierra.)

This dialog is through Help-menu -> Register in HQPlayer?

Yep. It’s always worked as normal. But this time it didn’t let me select the xml file.

Reasons I can think of, one is insufficient access permissions for the file, another is if the file name actually has some other characters in the end, so doesn’t have “.xml” suffix. Latest HQPlayer Desktop 3.25.6 release is also notarized, so it should be fine from that perspective too on Catalina.

But you can manually install the key file as well. In Finder, from the menu select “Go to…” and enter or copy-paste “~/.hqplayer” as folder name. Then copy the file there and rename it to “desktop3-key.xml”. That’s it, on next start HQPlayer should pick it up.


It might have been that this was the issue, but I couldn’t see any extra characters.

I figured the file was crap, so I just duplicated one of the xml files in that same folder, renamed it, and pasted the contents into that.

All good at next restart.


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