Trying to set up a CD ripper with ROCK

See the subject line. When I attach the ripper and an external USB drive, I get this message:

But the attached storage drive is NOT read-only:

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 2.32.22 PM




Just so I understand, you are attaching a CD Drive to the NUC, as well as, a USB external drive. You do not have a secondary internal storage drive in the NUC.

Well, if the above is true, then I would ask about the external USB drive. If it is a HFS Mac Journal formatted drive then Linux OS cannot write to it just read. The only solution would be to use a drive that is formatted in a write-able format like exFAT.

As a side note, I always suggest ripping CDs with a program outside of Roon and then copying in the files once the meta-data is correct. I use dbPowerammp for such things. When you rip in Roon it does not add the meta-data immediately to the files, you would then have to export them if you wanted to use them elsewhere.


Thanks Daniel, your description seems accurate: no secondary internal storage. Yes, it appears that the external SSD format was the problem, since I plugged in a different SSD and the rip started immediately.

Thanks for the advice in your side note; it’s disappointing though. I spent a whole winter several years ripping my whole CD library using dB Poweramp and various external drives. I get in a lot of CDs through the mail (most of them pre-release, so the metadata thing is complicated) and need a faster, more thoughtless, more efficient way of getting them onto the server–an approach that is “as hands-off as possible,” to quote the Roon ROCK documentation. Otherwise, it just doesn’t get done. So it’s disappointing to learn that Roon does in inferior job with ripping. Is it the same with the Roon Nucleus?

Is the external drive formatted correctly and set up as storage? It needs to be for Roon to rip to it. If it’s Mac formatted Roon wont be able to write to it as it’s read only on ROCK.

Simon, yes, although I didn’t realize it, this old SSD may well be Mac-formatted. (I haven’t yet checked, but that’s the obvious explanation.) Thanks.


Yes it’s ripper is the same. They added it for ripping into Roon only so it adds no metadata at all to the files so they are useless outside of Roon. It also hangs a lot and stops ejecting and causes ROCK to stop being able to reboot from the GUI. I gave up on it and returned to EAC.

I didn’t say inferior which also has SQ implications; just that it saves the metadata in the Roon database not in the created file; and that you would have to export the ripped CDs, to have Roon embed the tags in the files and name them appropriately.

Which you can’t do on MacOs due to that other outstanding bug. You can use an external tagger which is what I did but it then undermines having a convenient ripper server in the first place.

I didn’t intend “inferior” to have SQ implications.

Daniel, are you saying that i could “export” these files using Roon, running in ROCK, and they would appear just like FLAC files ripped in a stand-alone utility, with all the same information? If so, then I may just give it a try for a while and see how many bugs I encounter. I rarely need files outside of ROCK anyway, but I do regret the crude, nondescriptive filenames.


PS. How well does it handle box sets?

Yes, although, there is a bug as mentioned with exporting to MAC as referenced by CrystalGipsy. Never had a problem exporting to Windows.

Never tried it.

I’m using a Mac. Can I just “export” to the drive connected to the NUC?

Nope, the export is to the machine running the client.

Client? As in, Remote?

Yes the remote, you cant export from ROCK itself as it has no UI, only via a pc remote can it be done,

The best advice is to not even waste your time with the Ripper.