Trying to use Roon with Raspberry Pi + ES9028Q2M board (RoPieee)

Do you use it with volume control or just DAC straight into an AMP?

I use it a Dac straight into an AMP (well, sort of, it’s a sound bar to be more specific, while I’m waiting for proper speakers to be delivered to me).

ok. then you could retry it with RoPieee and select the RPI dac or hifiberry dac in stead of the Audiophonics driver (this sounds weird, but it’s compatible with any i2s capable dac).

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Excuse the wait. I changed to HifiBerry DAC driver and it suddenly works now. Odd.


Not odd for me :wink:

No problem.

Do you have any idea why the driver isn’t working with my ES9028Q2M? Is it only for the Kali edition of the board (I have the standard version)? Or is something else going on here?

I’m sorry if these questions are too much, I just think it’s odd that I can only get DSD128 with this board when using DietPi (not so much luck with RoPieee yet, I can only get up to DSD64).

No, I need to figure out why the original driver isn’t working. Problem with this board is that the driver isn’t open sourced. That complicates things.

It’s alright. Feel free to get back to me when you’ve figured it out.

So I just made a discovery I should’ve checked sooner; when I have an USB DAC plugged into the pi while the board is plugged in, my Roon Core (my Macbook Pro) discovers the USB DAC, but not the ES9028Q2M.

I don’t know if that tells you anything, but it was an interesting observation, I felt.