TS-451+ suitable for Roon?

Hello members,

I’m a complete newbie to Roon but I’m tempted by it :slight_smile: I’ve just installed it on my QNAP TS-451+ with 8GB RAM, hosting the database on the external SSD connected via USB 3.0.

At the moment my files are still being indexed with my NAS CPU load reaching 80%. I understand this will go down to some more acceptable rate once the file processing is done. At the moment I can’t play anything, as it seems there’s not enough power left to ensure ungapped playback :frowning:

Can someone tell me their experience with using Roon with this NAS? Will it secure enough processing power for a smooth operations once the initial scan is done?

Go into settings, then library and disable background analysis, try playing and if it’s all good then you have answered your question, then enable background analysis and try setting it to throttled and see if it works? If not then set the background analysis to max and bide your time.

If you search for that model in the forums seem to be a few users with no problems. Would depend on the size of your library and if you are doing heavy DSP actions.

Thanks, I haven’t actually thought about doing an own proof of concept :wink:

Well, it looks it’s a bit too early for me to do it on a stable environment, as even though I’ve disabled audio analysis, Roon is still consuming a lot of resources (30-40% of CPU). Possibly it’s still processing something.

I must say anyway that I’m quite surprised with the level of CPU power necessary for the server when it’s idle. I can understand DSP may require a lot, but just pure tag management… I’ve just changed the genre enforcement settings to my own and the database gets updated with over 60% of CPU.

I wouldn’t get too worried about the instantaneous CPU readings for Roon usage. As has been said, as long as you aren’t doing heavy DSP and crazy mulit-room everything will be fine.

What formware are you running on your TS-451+? I found all the 4.3.5 releases to be horrible for increasing idle CPU use. The latest 4.3.6 release has been a lot better in my setup, if not quite as low as it was in 4.3.4.

It’s 4.3.6 - I’ve updated recently. Hope it’s just the case of the new setup and it will reach some normal level (whatever it is :wink:) soon.

It takes a while on a PC to calm down. How many tracks are you importing?

Well, about 90k :smiley:

This might be worth reading then.

90k is fine. I’ve got 85k in my own setup with a slightly older processor.

Roon’s recommended h/w spec is overstated, imo.

I think people get a bit obsessed about having the processor not doing any work, not sure why. I’m running an older nuc and it’s fine maybe takes longer on initial import but …
As long as you don’t intend to DSP the hell out of a load of end points straight away.