Tsuyoshi Yamamoto "Night At Body & Soul" - not recognised by roon (artist or album)

Was playing this last night, but aware that it took me a very long time to actually find this album in my collection. I couldn’t remember the exact spelling, so I tried looking under “jazz” only to find out it wasn’t there.

Scrolled manually through my artists section until I found it. Roon had no artist information, the album was unidentified, and not even a genre was attached to it.

Any likelihood of this artist and / or album being updated?

Have you tried to re-identify it?

yep, no such joy. doesn’t find it. Finds other works by the same artist.

In most listings it is under Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio. No information other than genre but try amending your search.

None of the results in “identify album” are remotely close to the album I have. So don’t think its an artist issue as such. I’ll see if changing that helps though.

Edits made no difference. Metadata is all over the place for this artists. Tidal searches reveal two artists called tsuyoshi yamamoto trio, both spelled the same and both showing different sets of albums. Add to that the fact it also presents me with matches minus the word trio.

So it’s a huge mess and roon isn’t really coping with it.

So back to the guys at roon… any chance of getting this big hot mess of metadata sorted out. This isn’t THAT obscure an artist surely?

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