TuneIn Stations not working in Live Radio

Hi There,

1st time post - a few Radio stations I try to add to Live Radio via TuneIn URL don’t seem to work - one example

I am given the error
Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load

When I try and use the stations direct URL

found at the website via ‘view sources’ I get the error
Roon could not find a radio station at this URL

Is there something I am missing in terms of Radio station player URLs? All the other information is uploaded to Roon, image description web address etc.


Roon Core 1.8
Macbook Pro 2015
Wired Ethernet
Linn Akurate DS/0

Hmm, Roon didn’t like that stream - I don’t know why but I’ll pass it on the the devs.

Not to worry - I’ve found an alternative and Netil Radio is now in the database. Please check.

This is working now - Thanks

Glad I was able to help. What were the other stations you were having trouble with? Can I help there too?

Hi Brian

Let me take a look through TuneIn - If there are any I am having triuble with, I’ll reply to this thread.


Please do. I’m always on the lookout for recommended stations that can be put in the main database.

Hi Brian

I would like to recommend a Classical and Jazz station from Cape Town in South Africa - Fine Music Radio. Broadcasts on multiple streams - highest quality seems to be 160 AAC. Website is https://www.fmr.co.za/.


Fine Music Radio added. Please check.

Thanks - looks (and sounds) great. Unfortunately it is not Ad-Free, but otherwise looks perfect. Please can I suggest two more stations - this time from Lisbon, Portugal (and Portugal is currently missing from the countries listed).

  1. Radio Amalia - Fado music. Website https://www.amalia.fm
  2. Antena 2 - Classical. Website https://www.rtp.pt/antena2

Thanks for everything you are doing to enhance the Live Radio and Roon experience - really appreciated by all of us.

I’ve added Amalia Radio and Antena 2. Please check.

(Yes, Portugal currently doesn’t have a category of its own. Roon is aware and I hope this (and other location issues) gets fixed soon)

Thanks - both working well. By the way, I think the Antena 2 logo on Tune In may be preferable logoq

Thanks again for your help.

You got it.

thanks very much!

One final suggestion - Bru-Zane Classical Radio from Venice, Italy. Seems to have a 192 MP3 stream plus metadata. Website is http://classicalradio.bru-zane.com

and it would be great to have a regular list of “newly added” radio stations alongside the other Roon recommendations. I actually discovered some new radio stations from reading some of the related posts.

Bru Zane Classical Radio added, please check.

We only add two or three a week (apart from when afficionados like you come along). Easy to check on #live-radio threads, but an interesting idea. Consider posting in #roon:feature-requests .

Thanks for the suggestion - I will. Bru Zane works fine - thanks again.

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