Turn it off, leave it, turn it on again

Ok I’ll admit this is weird, but I’ve always thought this about Roon and just now I encountered it again, so here it is… I can be listening and over a period of time, usually an hour or so, I start to notice the sound getting quite harsh, edgy and nasty. It’s subtle at first but eventually I’m faced with admitting things have gone awry.

I then switch off the power to my hifi completely, Allo DigiOne, DAC, amp the lot. I then power off the NUC 5i that’s runs Roon rock and go make a cup of tea. When i come back I boot up the NUC, and switch on the power to all other components - after a minute or two the endpoint arrives back in the IPad and i press play on what i was listening before that sounded edgy and surprisingly it now sounds a great deal better… am I going nuts!? Or could there be some actual reason for this?

This doesn’t happen at every listening session, just occasionally and always when i haven’t switched off for days and days.

Something overheating?

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Next time this happens, try just rebooting the Allo DigiOne while leaving everything else alone. My hypothesis is that something wonky is going on there. Would be nice to know. :slight_smile:

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Well the Pi is ok at 55° (it does run hotter with the Allo HAT on than it did before] the DAC seems ok but I’ll keep a watch.

Good idea, I might also connect USB as well so I can switch between when it happens again - although USB is brighter anyway.