Turn off Discovery [Collections]

Hi all,

I want to turn off the roon suggestions via the service “Discovery”. Is that possible and if so how is it done? I really don’t want/need that service.

Regards //Magnus

Just don’t ever click on that item in the menu ?


Hi @Magnus_Grondal,

I like the “discover” function a lot. Anyone who doesn’t, simply shouldn’t use it. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t show up if you don’t click on it, but if you do, it “automatically curates your music to help you find hidden gems, unseen connections between artists and interesting things to hear.” So what’s not to like…?

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Obviously. But I also get new suggested material in Library under e.g. Albums and Artists.

I don’t think there is anything to turn off. It is just a menu option; unless you want to have the option to remove it from the side menu. When you click on Discovery, it just runs code to generate a random screen of items from your library.

In this case, 100s of albums has been added in the Album Library. I didn’t place them there, a lot of crap. However, it seems the problem is Tidal connected and has nothing to do with roon. Sorry for this misplaced question.

It sounds like you’ve added a Collection of albums.

See here to delete unwanted Collections.