Turn off DSP engine when playing DSD files

I would love to have the ability to automatically disable the DSP engine completely when playing back DSD files to avoid extra conversions to PCM.

I run my output through HQPlayer, and am OK with allowing Roon to do equalization, crossfeed, etc., on PCM files, but prefer the “magic” of DSD to flow unmolested to HQPlayer, where I convert everything to DSD256 (the highest rate my current DAC supports).

There is something magic about DSD that is permanently lost when it is converted to PCM anywhere along the path :confused:

I agree this would be a great option to have.

When You off all things (DSP engine, conversion in DAC settings) you have this pure signal. Or m’I wrong?

Pretty much, yes, Antoni - you can accomplish the same thing by going into the device setup and turning off volume leveling, then in to DSP and turning off that whole module.

I am asking to make this “turning all DSP off” option automatic when selecting a DSD file to play.

Good idea.

Perhaps Roon’s tagging could include a conditional option for each album that would either:

A) Turn off DSP for this album, or

B) Apply another specific DSP preset for the album.

Making it album (or even track) specific would make it easy it apply the DSP preset to groups of albums selected according to format using Focus.

Since Roon’s DSP covers a broad range of features, narrowing the tagging options might be a good idea. On a track or album basis, I am suggesting being able to activate (or deactivate) the upsampling feature. On an MQA recording, it is likely the listener wouldn’t want upsampling, but on an iTunes AAC download they listener would.

Apologies if this has been mentioned before or if I am inadvertently channeling someone else’s suggestion.