Turn on external receiver with Roon ready bluesound module from roon app.

I am new to roon but have managed to integrate it to my Crestron and to my BlueOS system for the most part. But I have one issue when using the Zone with a NAD T758 V3 roon ready blueos unit. The nad is run without Network card in standby since network standby use 40watt 24/7. Nearly the same as leaving the unit on. When in normal standby mode it consumes 0.5watt and can receive RS232 or IR to wake up.
Today I need to use a crestron touch panel to wake the receiver, then wait 20 sec and then use the roon app for music. Would it be possible to have a always present Zone with a power button in roon so roon app could trigger some power on command to crestron that I could use to start the receiver? Then I could use roon app for all my zones and not depend on crestron for this.

Hi @Killi15 ,

Apologies for the delayed response. I was thinking about your use-case situation here. If you can power it on via RS232 or IR, it might be worth looking into a community-created Roon Extension to assist you, there are quite a few mentioned here:

You could potentially set up a Harmony Hub IR blaster to learn and send the IR command through Roon with the Deep Harmony extension to the NAD for it to wake up. Please keep in mind that we have not done any testing in this area, it falls in the tinkering category but might be helpful for you to explore.