Turn Server into Core (MacBook)

I need to change my new Macbook Air from a Roon Server to the Roon Core. It is characterized as a Roon Server on the General page of Systems. The old Core, also a Macbook, was already disconnected and is now a Server too. Therefore, I don’t currently have anything running as the Core. I’m extremely deficient in tech, but I’ve had Roon for many years, now under a lifetime subscription, and I want to get this issue fixed. Pleaser help/

The terminology of Roon Core is extinct.
Roon Server is the “new” Core.
It’s just words.
You should be all set using Roon Server on whichever device you wish too.
Just select the one you want to use in settings:general.

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Thank you for the response. To clarify, I have 2 MacBooks, an iPad and iPhone that are all currently characterized as a Roon Server. Should I select or make a particular setting on any one of those devices that would be a unique selection or setting to that one device from the other three?

The iPad and the iPhone cannot be Roon Server, just Roon Remotes.
All you should have to do is go to settings: general and choose whichever of the two MacBooks you want to use as the Server.

Maybe have a read of this article?

Thank you. I think I get it now. I appreciate you taking the time.

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