TVOS Roon App for ATV4K

As the Apple TV is always connected in the home, would be good to get the roon iOS apps also for the Apple TV4K to enable an easy and quick way to control roon for all family members. The iOS app is still cumbersome to deal with as 1) the app needs to be installed on all phones of the family members (many!) and 2) the WLAN connection needs to be established/ kept alive which is not always a smooth experience. You could extend the library to (music) videos but that’s an entirely different discussion!


A number of folks have been hoping for that. It’s a great idea and would be very useful to have Roon remote on the ATV.

The Oppo UDP-203 & 205 have a nice screen display for the TV through their newest series of blu-ray players.

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I use a Xbox One for my TV navigation and would love to see an app for that.


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Hello there

Are there any plans to have Roon remote app on tvOS, by any chance?

So if Roon is working at the moment at revamping the GUI…maybe it means they are looking at a tvOS app? That would be great. Hopefully we’ll have a next update soon.

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+1 and a gentle bump. A roon client for ATV, even if very simple, would be great…


An ATV4K application is desirable since you don’t need a separate device and are not limited to AirPlay.

Is there an official response from Roon?

  • Rich

There is an Roon ATV app already. I use it all the time. It’s in fact an extension and it’s called TV:REMOTE.

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Can the TV:Remote stream from my QOBUZ / library out to the ATV4K HDMI port?

I was hoping to avoid the AirPlay interface and restrictions.

  • Rich

Hi Rich,

No, it can’t due to a Roon restriction as the ATV 4K is a Roon Tested device, not Roon Ready. Roon tested devices work with AirPlay or Chromecast protocols.

It need not be a certified endpoint, it already is using airplay.
The iPad app supports system out through the lightning connector.
System out on the ATV is the HDMI port.

So, the search for a fully functional ATV continues :wink:

  • Rich

What I meant to say is that it outputs audio through the ATV 4K HDMI port but audio signal is send via AirPlay. Makes sense?

I understand, but the ATV4K is wired and there is no need to go wireless back to the ATV4K.
A native app is useful. Surely, Any word from Roon?

  • Rich

The developer of TV:REMOTE did very nice work, but due to the limitations of the Roon API it is a very unsatisfying solution. Navigation is painful. I use the Tidal app on my Apple TV more often due to the limitations of TV:REMOTE. A fuller featured Roon AppleTV app would be most welcome.