Tweaking Linux for the Roon Core

I have my Roon core now running on an headless i5 with a solid state drive connected to my NAS’ with minimal Debian Linux installation. It is only used to serve up my Roon Bridge’s.

I would love to hear any suggestions on how to tweak Linux to improve the configuration.

Can the Roon core be configured to run entirely from memory and do more buffering to help improve network latency?

Are there other tweaks that could help?

Help with what exactly?

You might find this thread about the forthcoming Roon OS of interest.

Basically the machine running core controls your UI experience and streams decoded and/or transcoded (where necessary) to endpoints. As such, tweaking is largely pointless unless you’re having issues with playback, and even then it’d be troubleshooting more than tweaking.

It is only used to serve up my Roon Bridge’s.

This is the part of your description that makes tweaks to the server far less relevant to the listening experience. If you are sending audio over Ethernet to a specialised endpoint running Roon Bridge, like SOSE or microRendu, then these remarks by Chris Connaker are of interest:

I setup five different computers as Roon servers to send audio to the Sonicorbiter SE.

  1. Windows 8.1 noisy, non-tweaked (hardware or software) PC with 6TB spinning drives of local storage.
  1. Windows 2012 R2 server SOtM / AO server with highly tweaker hardware and software.
  2. OS X El Capitan MacBook Pro
  3. OS X El Capitan / Windows 10 (Boot Camp) MacBook Pro retina
  4. OS X El Capitan iMac 5K

I couldn’t hear a hint of difference between the sources when sending audio over Ethernet to the RoonReady Sonicorbiter SE. This combined with the fact I have no idea how the source could possibly effect the sound of the Ethernet endpoint in this situation, lead me to believe the source has no effect on sound quality.

Note: I completely respect the opinions of others who will try similar tests as more RoonReady endpoints become available. In addition, my conclusion here has absolutely nothing to do with locally attached server / DAC combinations not using audio over Ethernet.

Source: Comments under this review.

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