Two albums - same name - all gone screwy - help!

I had an album (ripped CD) called The Singles Collection by The Specials. I just added a 2 disc album of the same name by David Bowie.

Disc #1 of the Bowie album has been added to Roon quite happily. Unfortunately, Disc #2 seems to have merged with the specials album, and also split into two albums…

In “Overview” it looks like this:

Effectively, I need to “move” the first two items in the screenshot to become Bowie Disc #2, but can’t figure out how to do it. Any help much appreciated!

You can highlight all of them, Edit, and Merge Albums.

How do I do that sorry? Keep in mind that I only want the Bowie tracks to merge - which means I somehow have to separate them from The Specials’ tracks first!

Hi @Dave_Kitson,

For multi-disc albums, I definitely recommend using the folder structure outlined here for best results.

As Rugby mentioned, you can also manually edit these tracks and merge them using the Fix Track Grouping and Merge Albums functions.

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Maybe some more info is useful. Currently - the second “album” in first screenshot looks like this when I go into Edit Track Grouping:

Disc #1 shown here is a completely separate album - Disc #2 should be merged with the correct Bowie album (3rd on in my first screenshot). I hope that makes sense!

If you click on the 2nd disk under Edit Disks, you will get the option to remove the disk.

this should remove the 2nd disk, which should just be Bowie stuff, and then you can use Merge albums to put the Bowie album back together

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OK - I sorted it with a little bit of help from both of your posts - thanks!

I used iTunes to rip the discs, and it had put Disc #1 in a folder called David Bowie, but Disk #2 in a folder called Compilations. (Guess where the Specials album was).

I moved some files and folders around and it all looks fine now - thanks :slight_smile:

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That is the reason for all your troubles. iTunes is not very good at library management, going forward I strongly recommend that you follow the guidelines given in the Roon Knowledge Base, which are very sensible and when followed yield excellent results.

I agree - it isn’t great sometimes, but if I want to play the music on my iPhone it’s overall the most efficient way I think.

For iPhone listening I have two modes:

At home - I use my iPhone as a Roon endpoint and listen through headphones.

Away from home - I use my iPhone to listen to Tidal or Apple Music via headphones or a bluetooth speaker.

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Glad you got it sorted. I love the specials

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That’s fine if you have access to reliable wi-fi or affordable 4G. I live in the UK but work in Germany at the moment, so having the iTunes “matched” aac version of things works really well. I have a little DAP too, but whilst walking through airports and such its good to be connected to the phone and hear messages coming in, so the iPhone is probably still my most listened to device - even in airplane mode!

Just a little off topic, but what headphones/earbuds/IEMs do you use with your iPhone?

On the move, generally a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3s, but from time to time, if stationary I use a pair of iBasso IT01s IEMs (via a Dragonfly Red) for TIDAL offline content. 90+% of the time its the Sony noise cancelling 'phones though as Bluetooth and remote control is so much more practical when you’re using your phone for boarding passes etc.

I have a set of these headphones and they are fantastic. Sound quite good when used with an iPhone via bluetooth, even though the output is not lossless.

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