Two challenges preventing Tidal to Qobuz migration

I am exploring Tidal to Qobuz transition and hitting two barriers.

Roon is aware that the same album exists in both (I.e., versions) but does not allow a substitution. Specifically:

  • Play counts don’t transfer
  • Entries in Roon playlists don’t get updated

Ironically if you build your playlists outside of Roon in Tidal you could transfer them with Soundiiz. But if you build playlists in Roon you create “streaming service lock-in”.

Hopefully in the future we can edit Qobuz and Tidal playlists IN Roon and they sync back to the service.

Hopefully in the future we can do an album swap between services where play counts and Roon playlists get transferred.

Please comment if you agree or have other thoughts.

I am pretty sure I will not be switching to Qobuz for this reason.

(Above also applies to local versions vs streaming versions. )