Two compositions merged in one issue

Hi @support !
I would like to know if it is possible to correct this issue: on the album ? published in 2005 by Neal Morse there are two different compositions (they have different lyrics and timing and melody) with the same title (The Temple of the Living God), on tracks 1 and 12 of the album.
The problem is that they are merged as one composition, that of the first track.

How to fix it? Thank you!

Hi @support!
I just found that the same issue happens in another Morse’s release, Testimony (2003).
Another time, different songs with different lyrics but the same title are merged into one single composition, while they are two different compositions.
Is it possible to solve this?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

This issue is occurring because this one composer has multiple compositions with the same name. This is generally quite rare, and is something that can be problematic for our composition identification. In a vast majority of cases our identification process will work without issue, but this rare exception is throwing us off.

Ultimately, you may be able to resolve things by using file tags to differentiate these compositions by making it so that they are not exactly the same (and then preferring file data for this album).

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Thanks for your answer! I just didn’t understand how I can make a composition different using file tags without renaming it. Can you make an example of tag I can use (I use Yate to tag files).

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

I would try using WORK tags with different work names as a start — you might also have to differentiate the track titles slightly.

We have info about WORK tags here in our KB.

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