Two Cores on different locations sharing one NAS


I have both my music library and the Roon database on a Synology NAS. I move between two locations where I have a Roon Core installation on each location (running on Ubuntu 16 headless servers).

My goal is to be able to move betweens these two locations and start up the Roon Core service where I currently am, and stopping the other instance since only one Core can be running per account. I’m using MacBook as remote.

I’ve been reading all the posts I could find on the subject, but people don’t seem to be mounting the same library and db share from their respective location. Is this possible? Has anyone done this? If yes, what protocols work best (SMB, NFS, AFS)?



I would suspect that this should not be a problem. I have had the same NAS serve m 2-3 different players, one of them Roon, simultaneously.

I’ve done something similar. I VPN from Location B into Location A. Then enter the smb share as a location in Roon Core B.

Unfortunately my devices in Location B don’t see the core in Location A. They are in a different subnet. I would much prefer that over 2 cores.