Two DACs on same endpoint?

I run Roon server on a computer pointing to different devices in my home network. One of those devices is an “audiophile” PC running Roon endpoint and connected to a multichannel DAC. I convolve in Roon server and stream multichannel to this device.

Can I add another DAC to the same audiophile PC, a Chord Mojo, for headphone listening? In such case I wouldn’t convolve in Roon when pointing to Mojo. Ideally I could choose the endpoint (Lynx Hilo and convolution, or Mojo without convolution) from the Roon Android interface just as different audio zones.

Tried it quick and didn’t work. Maybe what I did wasn’t in the right way?

Thank you!

Yes you should be able to what you want as you described it…maybe some screen shots will help us and you put the needed results into practice correctly. I often run several devices and even group them for a/b testing of sound from one roon endpoint (raspberry pi) so it will work, even on Mac or pc as endpoints.

We run a Nucleus+ connected to both a Luxman D-05u SACD/DAC as well as into the Kii Control (USB) on a set of Kii Threes. Works perfectly with or without utilising a USB hub.

Personally I would not use a HUB… but the limitation is only 2 USB ports on the Nucleus hardware, otherwise you are only limited but the number of USB ports on your computer.

Roon Bridge should enumerate all audio interfaces on the system and advertise them to the Core. You then need to enable the ones you want to use in the audio config. Then you can play independently to each of them, set DSP settings uniquely for each, etc.

What is the ‘audiophile PC’ (brand)?

Thank you guys! I was assuming this was the case, but it didn’t work upon first try. probably the AudiophileOptimizer getting in the way there. Will need to take more time over the weekend to make it work.

“What is the ‘audiophile PC’ (brand)?”
No brand. I built it 5 years ago from carefully selected parts so there are no motors (fans, HDDs) and minimize all other things that introduce electrical noise. Wifi, monitor, fully operating system: Intel S1200KPR, Xeon E3 1265lv2, Crucial V4 SSD for OS, 8GB ECC RAM, PPA USB card v2, wide range picoPSU, PPA SATA cable for SSD, Streacom FC8 Evo case, lab linear PSU for picoPSU, Windows Server 2012 R2, AudioPhil’s Optimizer, Acourate (digital crossovers, room correction). It’s a server motherboard, a Xeon without graphics capability, old but super reliable and sounds outstanding. I cloned the pc AudioPhil (creator of Audiophile Optimizer) was using at the time.

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