Two Hiromi Uehara

There are 2 Hiromi Uehara:


who are the same artist.
note that they are credited as members of different groups

no feedback

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Can you share a screenshot of the different albums that are associated with each version of this artist?

@dylan, it’s a Rovi issue - same artist, two entries


Hiromi Uehara


Note that all my albums are tagged as “Hiromi”
Anyway, the 2 artists should be merged. i could merge them, but this way i would loose part of the infos (members of, web sites on one side, bio on the other)

Thanks for the info here @Niccolo_Terzi and @evand — We are looking into this.

problem still there :frowning:

@support… problem still there…

the problem is still there…

Disappointingly, I’m not surprised.

I’d take two of her, anytime! :heart_eyes:

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i just want to point out that as (at least since 1.7 upgrade) any request concerning metadata (ANY) has been completely ignored… it is necessary a better merging/editing tool of artists on users side.

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I just tried to submit a correction to AllMusic, where this issue seems to originate, suggesting to merge Hiromi Uehara into Hiromi page.
Let’s see if they accept it!

i think i did it too.

I just want here to quote myself:


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the 2 hiromi’s are still there.