Two instances of TheAppEngineer extension

Not sure if I should of put this in support or not. It is a little bit of a silly thing I have done. I have installed two instances of TheAppEngineer extensions. I am running ROCK and for the life of me I am not sure how to delete one of the instances.

I installed an instance on my Desktop and for some reason I installed TheAppEngineer from my laptop as well. I can’t figure out how to delete one of the instances of TheAppEngineer. The only opitions I can find is update and the like. No Uninstall option.

Does anyone know how I can delete on of the instances of TheAppEngineer?


Hi @Darren_Monro,

I assume you are talking about the Extension Manager here. On the Installation page of the Wiki there are uninstall instructions for Windows and Linux.

If this is not what you are looking for then please share a screenshot of your running extensions in Roon.

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Thanks Jan. The Link sorted everything. I feel like a goose. I should of visited GitHub. Much appreciated.


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