Two more newbie questions: CD ripper and storage file size

Hi and many thanks for the answers to my previous question. I have a Roon nucleus and I have a Rioddas CD drive attached to it. Every once in a while the Roon page either does not find my drive or says it is Waiting for CD, even when there is a CD inside the drive (and drive is closed and making noises as if something is happening).

And a second question: how do I know how much space is left on the 2TB drive inside the Nucleus? I have ripped around 80 discs and it would seem to be more than 1% of the drive but maybe my math is off.

Many thanks

2TB is a lot of space for music…

ripping in Roon is a double edge sword as it is fine if you only ever use roon for minimal rips but your music files will all be generic folder and track names. I would rip on the computer then transfer to the CORE storage.

This is a known issue - the web page does not self-update - you need to refresh it to see what the current status is.

I reckon conservatively it’s 350MB per standard CD.

Hi @Coleman_Kendall,

As Geoff mentioned, you’ll need to manually refresh the Nucleus Web Administration Interface when using the CD ripper. If you’re still seeing an issue after a refresh let us know!

The information beneath the Internal Music Storage section will be accurate (but again you may need to refresh after ripping a CD to see it update):