Two Names for Classical Composers

Just started , and imported my Library , I see many Composers of Classical showing twice eg Johann Sebastian Bach and again as simply

The setup is set for Prefer Roon . The file Tag composer will all be Bach , it has been my standard for years

How do I fix , why should I need to fix, to show one entry , preferably as Bach


Sorry half missing , the second batch was simply Bach

I would guess that Roon uses Johann Sebastian Bach but if it cannot identify the release, or it can but it does not have composer info then it will use your COMPOSER field in your files, hence the discrepancy.

@Mike_O_Neill Hi Mike.

There are a number of reasons why we merge Roon metadata and file tags. For example, if we’ve only got the main composers, we feel it’s reasonable to be able to specify additional contributing composers or arrangers in file tags.

At present, this behaviour is not something you can turn off. However, you can merge the two composers quite easily.

  1. Sorting composers by last name will make this easier for you.

  1. Then go to the Composers browser from the main menu:

  1. At the top right of the screen, it’s helpful to sort by composer name and to isolate your classical composers by selecting the “Only Classical” switch.

  1. You can now select a pair of composers and merge them (button at top right once you have selected the composers). Make sure you make the “Johann Sebastian Bach” from Roon the primary artist. Obviously, I’ve selected Barber as a second composer because I don’t have a “Bach” to merge.

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Spot on Joel - I knew there must be a way

I have no doubt there’ll be a few more teething questions.



How does Roon handle compositions, for example only a few of my Beethoven Violin Concerto recordings show when I filter compositions for that criteria.

Some are in German in the Track Tag Name eg Konzert Fur Violine etc, whereas others are Violin Concerto

Also how does Roon handle old (discontinued) recordings, when I try to re-scan a disc and get the actual recording , the Mutter version from 1970 doesn’t show to be selected.

at present I see 4 out of 7 and there are many other examples

Can Composition be manually edited or better still can it import a “same Name” tag from the file ?



Thanks, a useful guide, but I have a follow up question …

Merging composers does not help Roon identify correctly the compositions of “Bach” and merge them with the same compositions of “Johann Sebastian Bach” – which is the whole purpose of the exercise, frankly. Do I have to do it separately for each composition?

(A minor comment on your guide is that “Bach” would not be found under classical composers …)


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another important question in this context: how do I merge tracks to create a composition?


Hi Joel,

I tried your guide as I have a similar problem as Mike with Bach, J.S. vs Johann Sebastian Bach. But what exactly do you mean by “select a pair of composers”? If I click on a composer it simply shows their work so I never get this hidden button to “merge”.

Right-click (or hold down on a touchscreen) the first artist; left-click (or tap) subsequent artists.

Should Roon guess that Bach means JS not CPE JC or WF etc?

And should it guess whether Piano Concerto op. 15 is Beethoven or Brahms?

Magic is all very well but I suspect there are limits beyond which it’s not safe for Roon to go. Improving your tags are a simpler solution.