Two Nucleus Plus on the same network - changing the Nucleus name

Hi guys,

How can I change the hostname from Nucleus (not from Roon) to keep both Nucleus on the same network?
I think that I have a network confict name today.

Where is your conflict?

You can not change the name of the host, but you can change the name of the RoonServer Core. It’s not the same thing though, so I want to understand where you feel the “conflict”?

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Yes, from Roon Server I changed.
For some reason when connecting this second on the network it didn’t get IP.
Even without the first connected. I did some things, including fixed IP in the first one, so I interpreted it as a conflict by the same names.

I’m going to try now to clear the DHCP registry and with the fixed IP of the first one, try to fix this.

Are you setting a static IP from within the Nucleus software. That’s not a good idea.

Make the device IPs static or reserved from within your router software, so that DHCP knows about them.

Sorry for incomplete information… Yes, I did both, static IP and reserved on Router.

Fixed !!
Thank you…

What was the fix, in case someone else should have trouble?

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