Two problems with hqplayer

Hi, I have been testing with a Cayin dac, the Cayin Idac 6 mk2 that supports 768Hz in PCM and 512 in native mode in DSD and 265 in DoP mode. The sound is spectacular !!! But there are two things that have scratched me (I just released RoPieeeXL like NAA):
1º When I re-scale in PCM from 385Hz, micro cuts are produced in the reproduction every 40 or 50 seconds, the same thing happens to me from 265 in DSD mode.
2nd When I configure everything to scale to DSD (for example to 512) if in the SDM Pack I select “none” and in the Default Out Mode “SDM (DSD)” it sends me everything to PCM with the filters and resolutions established there, if I want the Cayin to decode in dsd to analog I have to activate the SDM Pack as “DoP” but then even if the output resolution is 512, it is reduced to 256 and the annoying micro-cuts continue.
My computer is a MacBook Model name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro15,1
Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i7
Processor speed: 2.2 GHz
Number of processors: 1
Total number of cores: 6
Level 2 cache (per core): 256 KB
Level 3 cache: 9 MB
Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled
Memory: 16 GB

Do you know how I can fix this?
Thanks and regards in advance.

What filters and modulators are you using ?

I have tried almost every possible combination, both in PCM and DSD. If you help me by saying which ones I should use I would appreciate it. Greetings

Just need to note that I’ve never used RoPieeeXL, so I probably don’t know… I’ve only used my own OS images.

If it’s earlier than RasPi4, then that is one of the side effects of too much cost cutting in the hardware design. Those micro cuts are lost USB packets, that is 125 µs to be exact.

If you are using RasPi4 and my NAA OS image, then it should work without such because RasPi4 for for first time has ethernet and USB Type-A connectors properly separate.

This is because at the NAA side OS kernel doesn’t detect the DAC having native DSD support.

I’m using a raspberry 4. I can use your image to do the same thing that RopieeXL does. In that case, where can I download it?

I don’t know what RopieeXL does… My image is just custom OS built for NAA use. You boot it up and you have a NAA, that’s it.

On my pages here, scroll down to bottom and click on the button to download Network Audio Daemon. Under “images” folder you can find bootable OS images for PC’s (and some Macs), RaspberryPi and few other platforms. Note that the RasPi3 image is mostly useful for use with boards hooking to the I2S interface, such as HifiBerry DACs. RasPi4 is useful for both, those boards as well as USB connected DACs.

The scheme is as follows, on the mac I have the roon core and the hqplayer via wifi I control the sound to the raspberrypi4 and this connects via usb audio to the Cayin Idac. Can I do that with your image? Thank you

Do you have WiFi on the RasPi4? If yes, then WiFi is unofficially supported only on HQPlayer OS image, and this requires some manual configuration through command prompt.

The image works for wired connections to RasPi4, so if you have a WiFi bridge device, then it would work with that.

The raspberry is connected to the modem router via ethernet cable. Wouldn’t it work with that kind of connection?

Yes, cable connection should be fine.

Ok thanks, now it works with your image and there are no micro cuts. But it does not detect the native dsd when I select SDM (DSD) and SDM Pack as “none”. Any solution?

OK, great! I would need some USB interface information of the DAC to add experimental native DSD support for it. For this, you’d need to boot up Ubuntu or Fedora live image on a PC with the DAC connected, and then I would need either entire output of “sudo lsusb -vvv” command or the device specific part of that output. Preferably as email to avoid polluting this forum with a lot of technical junk.

Hello jussi, could you look at the parameters of the cayin that I sent you to experimentally attach the native dsd in my DAC?