Two Questions Regarding Tidal

Is it possible to search only Tidal Masters for an Artist, Album, Track, or is there a way to determine which of the search results are Masters?
Can ROON be set to play songs from Tidal with the radio option?

At the moment, Roon does not indicate which is a Tidal Master not is it possible to use Tidal Master as a search filter. A quick way to get to only seeing Tidal Masters in Roon, is to add a “Masters” tag to the album after you have added it to your library.

Roon includes songs from Tidal in Radio playback if they are part of your library.

Thanks for the suggestion. Is the only way to tell which of the search results are Masters by playing it and viewing the signal path? I honestly can’t always hear a difference between lossless and Master…

Yes, that is the only way to tell Tidal Masters atm.

Got it, thanks!

Related, you might want to be checking in Tidal itself to see if new MQA versions of albums in your collection now exsit.

There is not necessarily a good way of doing this, but I got to artists that I like and have multiple albums from. Looking at the albums where multiple versions exsit, I check that the one with the “M” for Masters is the one I have favorited (starred) and thus is in Roon.

If you make changes it takes a few hours, sometimes more, for the changes to come into Roon even if you force a Roon Tidal sync.


So anything I mark as favorite in the Tidal app will push to Tidal on ROON?


One thing I didn’t realize at first if you use playlists on Tidal. If I favorite a Playlist on Tidal, all of the songs are added to your Roon library which sort of makes sense. But then I went to Album view in Roon and I had a ton of one song Albums which was not ideal. In fact, @support, i would recommend a Favorited-Playlist in Tidal do nothing in Roon. The Playlist is already added to Roon without being a favorite and adding a million one-song albums is not good.

Try to use the focus function. I think that will solve the problem.

Press storage location. That will remove Tidal.