Two Squeezebox Touches, but only one identified by Roon

I have two Squeezebox Touch devices. Connected the first one to my network, made sure LMS turned off, went into Roon and found/enabled it in Audio section. Works fine.

Plugged second Squeezebox Touch device in. Connected to network. Roon doesn’t see it, not listed in the Audio section to be enabled.

Can Roon only connect to one Squeezebox Touch?

No, it can see multiple Squeezeboxes. I’d reboot the Squeezebox and make sure that it has a different IP than the other sqeezebox. Then you might go through setup and tell it to use the RoonServer IP.

I checked the second Touch and it was using a different IP address than the other Touch. Still can’t get Roon to see the second Touch. How do I tell the second Touch to use the RoonServer IP?

On my SB3 Classic and my Squeeze Boom box, you can go into settings and provide the IP for the server. I assume something similar for the Touch, I"m not where I can get to a Touch manual to check more specific suggestions.

I found a user manual on-line. No help. The SBT that is working with Roon shows it is connected to my Mac Mini core when I run a network test. The SBT that is not working shows it is connected to the or something similar, the name flashes on/off the screen so fast it is hard to be certain. I see no way to point non working SBT to my Mac Mini core.