U1 Mini can’t play AES/EBU output

My current working connection is I2S from U1 Mini USB to Matrix then I2S to the PS Audio DS DAC. I just got a AES/EBU cable to try out if it provides similar SQ to I2S, but so far I could not pass data from Lumin to DSD. Please help if you run into this issue.
FYI, I am on latest Lumin firmware.

You have to disconnect the USB.

I did not have USB connected, only the AES cable connected.

And I tried to connect the AES cable from my Cd/sacd and it worked, so it rules out the cable or the DS DAC issue.

Please disable custom resampling, and turn off volume control in Lumin app.

Try 44.1kHz and 96kHz PCM over AES, and see if these work.

Your setup is U1 MINI (AES) → Matrix (I2S) → PS Audio DS right?

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I turned on Digital Output setting in Lumin app to AES and it works now. Thanks