U1 mini not playing to Benchmark DAC 2

Hello- In either Roon or the Lumin app, the current song won’t play (stays at 0:00, then eventually tries the next song in the app; in Roon I got “too many failures”). This seems to be the case playing local music or streaming via Qobuz. I tried hard resetting the U1 mini, restarting the endpoint it is attached to (but not the router yet, as I need the internet currently, but can try tomorrow). The app and roon can see the U1 mini and when changing songs in the app, that song appears in the U1 mini display, but nothing happens when I press play.

Please power off both the Lumin and your DAC.

Disconnect the USB connection.

Use coax or AES (Instead of USB), power them on.

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Thanks! It works via coax (RCA) which is what I tried. Not a big deal to me, but should I do anything to make USB work?

I am using a Benchmark Dac 2, fwiw.

If you want to experiment further, you may try a different USB cable and downsample Hi-Res (perhaps to 96kHz and below).

This is a 2013 DAC.

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It works with hi-Res streaming and dsd so no need to downsample as far as I can tell. It always worked well until I got a rom upgrade from them and also did an update on the U1 mini. I like both pieces. I will try the usb cable direct to dac to see if it works well.

What I don’t understand is how the U1 mini could see the DAC, but wouldn’t stream to it via usb but would via coax. If the cable works directly from computer, does it mean there is a usb problem in the streamer?

We had users with Benchmark DAC 3 functioning normally, but not DAC 2 before (from messages I receive).

If it would not work even after (1) you are playing 44.1kHz music without re-sampling in Roon or Lumin app settings (2) trying multiple USB cables and (3) you have tried factory resetting the Lumin and power cycling the DAC, then it would be a compatibility issue.

To verify the Lumin USB hardware, please plug in a USB thumb drive (not SSD) with some FLAC music files in FAT32 format or NTFS format. If the Lumin USB Music Server shows up in Lumin app as a selection in Library, then the Lumin USB hardware is not faulty.

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Will do. All seems to be working at all resolutions via coax right now, but I will see what I can do. Thank you for all of your help.

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