U2 Joshua Tree track 7 "In God's Country" 2:11-2:12 skipping

Am I crazy or does this track skip a beat at the 2:11 - 2:12 mark? I’ve listened on Tidal, on Apple Music, on a ripped CD of mine, all the same. Never noticed before. Now I can’t not hear it

I’m not sure they skip a beat as much as it is just a really abrupt transition.
If you compare it to their live release on the deluxe verion they make the same transition.
Just my untrained position.
Hadn’t listened to that album in a while, so thanks.

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I’m a long time big U2 fan. This observation got me curious.

For convenience I loaded up the ripped-to-FLAC track from my copy of the JT 30th Anniversary box set. Played thru both Plex via Denon AVR-X4000 and then ROON via NAD C368/BlueOS 2i MDC.

As I listened I watched the playback timeline. While there are some rhythmic “changes” through the song I heard no significant “beat change” anywhere, including the 2:11 - 2:12 mark.

Maybe I’ll try the original release version of JT physical CD if I go dig it out of storage on the weekend.

Like @MamaTried mentioned, I too haven’t listened to JT in a while and ended up finishing out the album during this sitting. Thanks!


I have the original CD release (ripped to FLAC), sounds like I will be listening on headphones more closely later.
I used to listen to this a lot many years ago, and I don’t remember anything like that.


I’ve had a listen to streaming versions (Qobuz) and my own rip (from what I think is the 2007 remaster). I can’t detect anything out of the ordinary.

It’s a track that I’m very familiar with as I had the original cassette back in 1987. I played it end-to-end-to-end-to end… :grinning: This is the second post I’ve made today about cassette nostalgia. I’ll be looking for an old pack of Hubba-Bubba and a pair of leg warmers if I’m not careful!


Waiting for @TheHammer to wake up and pull some cassettes out for the day.

I was probably just migrating to CD then as it was their first CD I had. The first albums were vinyl, then a couple on cassettes


I did have a few LPs (we didn’t seem to call them vinyl in those days!). I had more cassettes though. I’m not entirely sure why - maybe because of my treasured Sony Walkman.

I was a few years behind you re: CDs. I think I got my first player in 1993. More Zooropa than Joshua Tree!


Very true, when I joined this forum I called them LP’s but was put right on that and now I can barely remember anything but calling them vinyl.

But I moved to cassette for Walkman use and ease of taking it around friends houses. To think how far we have come and people are buying load’s of LP’s again :grin:

I got my first player in 86 but could not afford many CDs at that time I still bought cassettes and occasional vinyl.


I have a strict regimen young man!

Records, cassette, CD, Roon.

So no tapes till probably 6/7pm😇


I honestly think that’s the popular press to blame for the term vinyl.
After all many don’t even have any (or much) polyvinyl in them.
78’s certainly don’t and there were a lot of PS pressings ( especially 7" 45rpm).

I might resurrect the term LP😉

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I’m all for that, I would probably fall back into line as it was my teenage year’s, so it comes back quickly

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I dug out my CD from 1987 and also the MFSL “gold” CD release which I bought recently and listened on a CD player through headphones … and I still hear it! To my ears it sounds like a small chunk of audio is simply missing, as if 50 ms or 100 ms of audio has been somehow clipped out of the track. I would love to hear from Eno / Lanois / Flood about whether this is indeed some kind of editing glitch or whether it is just some kind of auditory perceptual illusion.

One of my desert island albums for sure.

I’m not sure that they have accounts. :wink:

I just listened to my original '87 CD all the way through In God’s Country and didn’t hear any skip on my version (US release). Not much help but another datapoint.

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So I have listened to this several times now on Speakers and headphones and cannot hear it. That would be my original release UK CD.

I also just tried the Super Deluxe and Tidal version and could hear nothing out of the normal, so I could be part of the problem :wink:

lol well it must be my strange brain then … wouldn’t be the first time :wink:

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Hey Paul I was quite happy to take the fall for having bad hearing, too much heavy metal and standing next to the speakers at concerts when I was younger :wink:

I listened streaming from Apple Music to iPhone to Mojo 2 to Focal Clear headphones. There’s nothing there.

No skipping for me .

Nor me. But wow, the Super Deluxe remaster is seriously hot vs. the original 1987 CD. :frowning_face: