Ubiquiti and pfsense with Roon

I am about to replace my current home network system with one that will rely on pfsense as the router along with Ubiquiti’s switches and wifi access points. All the Roon related devices will be interconnected via ethernet, the wifi is only for remotes…

I read a few times that it is better to use unmanaged switches with Roon, however Ubiquiti gear is pretty much managed, so I wanted to check if people on this forum that are running their Roon system with either ubiquiti have any feedback about this?


Trivial matter on UB/Edge devices as they are built to handle system management and workloads. It will make no performance difference if you do not use the monitoring or vlan features.

I prefer managed myself as I can tweak performance to offload cpu bound tasks to nvram and configure link aggregation for servers and NAS. In most cases a managed device will have more memory and better processing capability for heavier workloads. YMMV depending which models but UB devices are generally higher tier performers.

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Unmanaged switches are recommended so you can’t configure them in a way that breaks Roon :stuck_out_tongue:

They work fine, in some ways better, when you know what you’re doing. I’m all UniFi controller managed L2 and it works great.

Are you rolling your own or buying a commercial product?

I upgraded my home network to all Unifi a few years ago, and it’s never given me any issues with Roon. I don’t use vlans or anything like that though.

My home network is all-UniFi (wired and wireless) and Roon is rock solid on it. As indeed is everything else.

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Great! That’s what I thought… I had some issues using my cheapo tp-link switch before I realized I had to turn Jumo Frame on and after that never had a network issue with Roon, streaming services is another story, Qobuz and Tidal are patchy but I suppose that depends on so many external factors, many of which are outside my network.

Played around with my own build, but ditched that in the end and went with Netgate, just felt more reassured with a commercial box.

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Full unifi system no problems at all and i have Roon its own vlan.

I have an Opnsense router (check opnsense.org for a DEC series) connected to Aruba Instant On 48 port L2 managed switch (check arubainstanton.com) and Aruba wifi since years without troubles and low latency for Roon (Rock NUC)