Ubuntu Studio LTS, anyone tried? Any OS specific features that HQP benefits from here?

Stefan, take it easy. In earlier years, SnakeOil really made its very lean OS for wonderful sound. One of the way to reduce the weight of kernel is excluding some less common drivers… yet there are uncountable peripherals in the market. So in recent years SnakeOil just use the stock Ubuntu kernel, and then trimmed all those non-audio-related background processes / services, including video output, ie headless audio server. Yet you still can use VNC software to show on remote computer.

Here you may already figured the flow of your installation.

  1. installing the Ubuntu Server 22.04 with minimal installation:
  2. running the installation script to install SnakeOil;
  3. now the pc is headless, ie no gui, you install HQ player thru SnakeOil software menu, or diy thru ssh

Just try :smile:

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On Ubuntu 22.04 I recommend using
“apt install -y linux-lowlatency-hwe-22.04”
instead. This gives the latest kernel available for current 22.04 LTS.

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Thanks, Jussi. Would you please tell me what’s the difference in kernel, between installing “linux-lowtatency-hwe-22.04” and “linux-lowlatency”? Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

“hwe” is HardWare Enablement kernel version, to support newer hardware. It is backport of kernel from the latest short term release, currently this is 6.5. While the regular one is at the original release kernel version which is 5.15.

Thanks a lot, Jussi. Btw, how about the real-time kernel of Ubuntu? I’m using its official Realtime kernel thru:
pro enable realtime-kernel. Thanks again. :grinning:

I have not tried that one. And I wouldn’t use it as such is not compatible with the Nvidia drivers I need for CUDA support.

I’m usually not running any official Ubuntu kernels, but instead my own one (which you can find from my site).

Woooh… You’re the developer of HQPlayer!!! Thanks for your help.

And for the os, do you mean HQPlayer OS? If so, that’s a lowlatency kernel, right? :grinning:

Some of my servers run Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS with my custom kernel package. Some run Fedora 37 Minimal with the stock kernel. And some run HQPlayer OS.

HQPlayer OS on x64 had realtime kernel before. But at the moment it is more like lowlatency kernel. On arm32/arm64 platforms it has been lowlatency kernel always, because the realtime kernel has too much overhead on those platforms leading to frequent drop-outs.

I c I c. Thanks a lot for your info. :grinning: