Ubuntu Studio LTS, anyone tried? Any OS specific features that HQP benefits from here?

Don’t think I need to write much more, the headline question says it all.

Get some OS which can run RT (real time) kernel versions.
Arch has someone maintaining HQPlayer packages, which makes updates very easy.

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Are there GUI versions of those dists?

I’m running Roon Server in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with its official Realtime kernel.

Ubuntu Studio uses low latency kernel. You can replace the ordinary kernel of Ubuntu Desktop with low latency kernel with:
Sudo apt install -y linux-lowlatency

So it’s not necessary to install Studio version for its kernel. And after reboot you can immediately hear the difference. It’s obvious.

For the official real time kernel of Ubuntu, you need to sign up (foc). Then you can
Sudo pro enable realtime-kernel

Then the sound will be even better, but the difference is not as obvious above low latency kernel replacement.

Well, from these, you may find that one can simply install the Ubuntu Server (no gui), and choose “minimal installation” (minimum services and set of commands to be installed). Then one just replaces the ordinary kernel with real time kernel easily, for better sound.

Besides, you may consider using “SnakeOil OS” https://www.snakeoil-os.net/ to further trim off unnecessary background services, and change the priority of desired processes to further reduces the whole system latency.

Fyi, my both Roon server fanless pc, and Roon Bridge fanless pc are setup in this way. The sound is much better than using ROCK in the same hardwares.


Remember that Jussi recommends Ubuntu Server Minimal …

If you dedicated a hd/ssd for the Roon server, even no gui, installation of Ubuntu Server is very short and straight forward. Don’t worry.

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Hi and thnx

My pc did not accept this command? I copied it to each and every letter … *I don’t like mondays, I don’t like mondays … :notes: * It is monday every week with Terminal … :wink:

what’s the distro in your machine? I’m afraid that work in Debian derivatives, e.g. Ubuntu, only.

I have the Ubuntu LTS desktop. Strange, I have used “sudo apt” before this, and it worked. There are so many mysterious things happening, when cannot see graphically. I need that picture based UI to understand. I wish I could be so fluent as you guys in the terminal, but already when I started with unix mainframe client terminals at ABB 1985, I immediately realized it was the devil who brought this to mankind. With a grin … :wink:

Alright, I’m bad in linux, too. I just learn what I need for CAS. Look, pls use to make u as root.
sudo su
apt full-upgrade -y
apt install -y linux-lowlatency

Good luck.

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My God, it worked. Cannot try yet, but it said its doen. It stopped in a funny way though, cuz it was it some root command, and trying to shut the Terminal replied that a process was till running and would termina if closing the Terminal. I did anyway. I have not tried yet, if it is playing at all, but first thing tomorrow!

Thnx, bro, for kind assistance :heartpulse:

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Great! You’re welcome!
Look, you can always check the version of the kernel with:
uname -a

The single line output should contains the word “lowlatency”, if you’ve installed correctly.

And you can shutdown in terminal with:
shutdown now

And maybe you’d like to further enhance the sound quality and maximise the potential of your Roon server pc, there are some more tweaks in both softwares and hardwares. At this stage, I believe your Linux PC still got a lot of room from sound improvement.

Enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any update, pal?

It seems to have succeded, but I cannot claim any distinctive audible differences, I must admit :slight_smile:

I c. Do you have a spare SSD/ HD for a sound adventure? :laughing:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean? :sweat_smile: #notthegreatestmindinclass

haha… it’s alright. I just mean that you may keep your current HD and software by unplugging this HD from the PC. And then use another SSD/HD to start a fresh installation, including the SnakeOil system I’ve mentioned above. I hope the result will make you enjoy your library more. :smiley:

That should be my goal in near future. But I have briefly read the snake oil os side. I understand that Roon is supported, but how about HQPw? Will it be supported, when installed on the Ubuntu OS base? Should it be installed on top of Ubuntu OS + SnakeOil OS, or on Ubuntu prior to installing the SnakeOil OS? If you do not know it is ok, I figure it out using the community. Thanks for suggesting, it is a fantastic ride using PC for audio playback, beneficial for both music experience as well as brain exercise…

The reason

works and the original

did not work is the incorrectly capitalised leading ‘s’ of ‘sudo’ - probably injected by an unnoticed auto-capitalisation of the leading character of a new line :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks, pal. :slightly_smiling_face:[quote=“Wade_Oram, post:19, topic:262514, full:true”]
The reason

works and the original

did not work is the incorrectly capitalised leading ‘s’ of ‘sudo’ - probably injected by an unnoticed auto-capitalisation of the leading character of a new line :slightly_frowning_face: