UI navigation: sticky / pinned down menu bar


I’ve been playing with Roon for over a week now, overall I am very impressed and loving it but I find the user interface sometimes confusing.

I find myself switching between Artist/ Album / Overview quite a bit and it get annoying to click on the menu bar every time.

Can we have the ability to pin down the navigation bar on the left end side ?
Also, a list view for album would be good :smile:


Hi Patrick,

Understand what you mean because I had the same feeling in the beginning. Using the browser buttons back and forth and getting used to that helped me out a lot.


There is a keyboard shortcut here if it helps. Tab —> 1 for overview etc.

It’s not exactly what you asked and I have assumed you are at a PC / Mac. Also the links from the top of the overview screen take you straight to the pages you are using.


Thanks for that, I didn’t know. I does help when on the desktop.
I also use a Nexus 10 as remote and pinning down the navigation menu would be good.

I would like the option to sticky the menu bar as well. This would be a great feature. I would love it.