UI not consistent on add album from new releases

Roon Core Machine

Rock on NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard Telenet, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Benchmark DAC3 via USB from Rock

Number of Tracks in Library

2500 Album (where can I see the NB of tracks? Not going to count by hand :face_with_monocle:)

Description of Issue

On iPad, Roon remote

Home> “New releases for you” > select a release and play it > Roon indicates which song is playing> add the album to your library > Roon shows the new addition to your library >Roon (in the area showing the tracks) no longer displays which song is playing

In fact, it looks like Roon lost all awareness that the “now playing” album is in fact the same album (streaming service entry) as shown in the UI (library entry), and is now in your library.

This has annoying consequences. It causes inconsistent behaviour in the UI.

Say you leave the screen showing the new addition to your library (e.g. to look at other albums of the same artist). It then becomes very difficult to go back to the new addition to your library. It is no longer in the list of new releases (that is correct behaviour). But If you then go to the play que (using the now playing area lower on the screen), and then go to the album, the UI shows that album as NOT in your library (it shows the streaming service entry). The only way to get back to your new addition seems to be via “my library” > “albums” (sorted on newest).

As you add an album to your library you are in effect adding a clone. The original still shows as the original streaming version and you have a new cloned copy in your library.
That’s how Roon works, it was designed before there were streaming services and this quirk is one of the consequences.
If you search the forum you will see lots of posts and feature suggestions to rectify it.
As you’ve been around for a while I’m amazed you hadn’t noticed it before :joy:

I agree that Roon seems to have made some less then optimal choices on the matter of master data management when they incorporated streaming services. And those are costly to correct.

But is that a reason to perpetuate the problem? A problem that will only cause additional problems as streaming prevails? I would suggest to Roon that correcting this important issue is, for its own long time survival, more important then adding any new functionality.

But in my personal view, QA has never been a stronghold (or any real priority) of Roon. (See “jumping” in scrolling on Apple). They seem to prefer simple forward programming of new functionality over actual quality.

Perhaps that attracts more new paying customers? And, as Roon stil is the best on the market, perhaps attrition rate due to poor working of existing functionality is low? Then these are correct short term commercial choices, just not really morally correct, and a threat to their very existance in the mid and longer term.

I noticed the irradic behaviour before. But never took the time to describe it fully. I did search the forum, but apparantly with incorrect search terms.

I’ve moved your post to the #roon category - it’s not an issue for the Support team.

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Please consider adding your vote to the corresponding Feature Suggestion then:

I disagree. My original post is actually a bug report! And in the IT world that I know, bugs are a matter for the support team.

Perhaps this bug is so complicated to solve that a project is required, it still is an unsolved bug!

It’s a known issue and there is already a Feature Suggestion to change it.

Perhaps, but still feels to me as weak of Roon not to recognise it as an unsolved bug. Marking that situation as a solution, to me feels like showing the real soul of Roon.