ultraRendu "500 Internal Server Error"

Hey all,

My ultraRendu went offline in Roon, and I did some troubleshooting to see what the issue was. When I go to manage it, it shows a “500 Internal Server Error.” I’m stumped as to what to do.

Any help is appreciated. I can ping the device, and I can see it on the network. But, I cannot manage it and it does not appear in available zones in Roon.

Thank you.

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What color is the rear status LED?


I was able to get it back online in Roon by doing the following:

  1. Uninstall RoonReady “package”
  2. Update the Sonore software to v2.6 (even though it was on 2.6, it wanted to update)
  3. After a reboot, reinstalled RoonReady
  4. Re-add the ultraRendu zone in Roon

And we’re back to standard programming. I suspect a software update got stalled along the way. Hopefully, these steps will help another user with the same issue in the present or future.

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Step #1 and #3 are not necessary. If you update the unit all you need to do is reboot, then go into Settings / Roon Ready and press Save.

I tried what you suggest multiple times, to no avail. It wasn’t until I un- and re-installed RoonReady that it worked again. During this time, RoonReady Diagnostics failed as well. After reinstallation, it works as expected.

RoonReady and DAC Diagnostics are completely independent of each other.

I was referring to the “Roon Ready Diagnostic” that was also failing with the 500 error when the package seemed corrupt. When I reinstalled the package, it works as expected.

okay…that makes more sense.

I had the exact same issue. just an update to sonore software didn’t work. your 4 steps worked like a charm