UltraRendu keeps flashing red

Suddenly my UltraRendu disapperead in Roon. The led keeps flashing red. It’s powered by LPS 1.2. My. Network is working fine. Tried all the recommadations i read in several forums. It’s not showing up in sonicorbiter.com or in Roon. Replaced cables, powering on and off. Rebooten network and SnicTransporter. My Ayre QB9 DSD also. It all worked fine untill last evening. Software is 2.8. Beats me. What Did I miss?

Try the shipped power supply for the UltraRendu, it could be the UltraCap LPS unit has gone bad.


Yep. I connected my UltraRendu straight to the power supply and it’s working again. The LPS 1.2 isn’t working anymore. No more red light at the back of the LPS. Mailed Uptone and curious If this can be repaired. Thanks anyway.

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Alex at Uptone will look after you, as their after-sales service is excellent