Umbrage on the rise?

There is a dedicated support area though.

People can just use that and ignore the rest of the forum?

Or use the Roon website contact page for support, without using the forum at all.

Users do tend to conflate the Roon Software and Support sections, which doesn’t help.

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What the hell does Umbrage mean? I am NOT an english major!!!

More to do with the huge increase in Roon users over the last few years from 100k to over 250k. That is a rapid growth but support has not kept pace, especially after the release of 1.8, which had many issues, some still to be resolved.

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Ironically it’s meaning seems to be reflected in your post :smile:


Good post in general, and in particular I identify with the above comment. I posted on that thread with a good deal of hope that the playlist functionality would improve in subsequent releases. Unfortunately it remains adequate, at best.

Appreciate the feedback on my post, thanks all!

On further reflection, I think where this culminates is that, to a large degree, the increase in negative vibes in the forum represents a lack of spirit in the forum. There used to be a spirit here that is still in some threads, some posters, but nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be.

Used to feel like “the product was ours” in some respects - there was a lot of unfulfilled potential that WE were going to help Roon fulfill.

Doesn’t quite feel that way anymore. I get it - Roon has to go more mass market to survive or for its owners to be rewarded. I’d be doing the same thing I guess, so maybe that loss of spirit was just inevitable.

However, while I don’t have any specific ideas to offer at the moment, I feel like there must be some things Roon could do to rekindle that community spirit.

Forum rules isn’t it - you cannot legislate civility, much less a collective spirit.

Maybe it’s that Roon can help us feel heard. Not just with responses - Danny does engage – but in the product. I’m not complaining about 1.8 (there were some good additions and some head scratchers) but I don’t see that the changes from 1.7 to 1.8 really correlate with forum feature requests.

Or, maybe, just eliminate the whole feature request concept if there’s going to be no obvious* relationship between that and the product.

*I use “obvious” because I do know that at least some features originated as feature requests; however those specific ones of which I am aware were somewhat half-done and still don’t fully enable what was desired, IMHO.


Driven by comments like:

Nope… Purple banners and artist circles. Dodgy search, 6 year old feature requests with no comment, support threads with no official response. People are either going to take umbrage, and/or walk away. Where did that community spirit go? But Roon adoption is on the rise, so they’re doing something right.


No question about that. This isn’t a gripe about the base product. It is simply an observation that my own perception of my relationship with Roon and the forum has shifted substantially and while I still have tremendous enthusiasm for my Friday night Roon sessions, that enthusiasm no longer applies to trying to contribute to the product.


Neither am I, I’m just an English speaker. Failing that, I’m a search-engine user.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:


If I may comment on an old post—
It does feel as though Roon support default to blaming the issues on the customers, especially with the whole “It’s your network” response.
There could be a bit more transparency even in those cases; maybe explain why a less-than-perfect network isn’t working for Roon when it works for every other device and software on that network. It feels so very dismissive to dump the problem back on the customer, and I think that can make people frustrated and angry.

You do seem to cherry-pick the posts to which you respond. I feel like I often see threads where people have what look like legitimate complaints, and you choose to discuss anything but those. Maybe it would be useful to have a locked thread where you cover the most-complained about things—problems, not design choices—and answer them, so that folks know that there are Roon people looking at the problems.


This. 10 chars

Yeah I know. I did that on purpose just to see if anybody was awake and you certainly are!

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And this!

If Roon unavoidably puts strain on the network or is finicky about network topography and that cannot be changed, I would suggest that Roon release a nice verbose network diagnostic tool that puts a network through its paces and guides troubleshooting and settings adjustment. Either make it work or help us make it work.

Roon’s error messages aren’t particularly informative. This might be one way to get to some support equilibrium?


Built in diagnostics have been suggested before. The Core and Endpoints are perfectly placed to try to work out where and what the issue might be. Roon’s error mesages are somewhat less than helpful in this regard when there is an issue along the lines of ‘an audio file is loading slowly’.

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Today I found myself looking at streamers. I really just need Qobuz and something else to organize my local library. Initially it wasn’t an intended search, I started looking for info on an eARC issue I was having. The next thing I knew I was looking at streamers. After reading this thread I think I know why.

Glad you chose the Cambridge version not the flaky Oxford one :joy::joy::joy:

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