Un-Feature Request: Like what you see in Roon?

I do and would like to offer my encouragement to the Roon guys to stay the course. Not that they aren’t doing this already or wouldn’t without this thread, but it has to be tempting in the face of feature request after feature request to veer from it.

This isn’t to say that the product cannot be improved or that there have been no worthy requests, it can be and there have been.

What I do mean to say is this:

Like many in this community, I’ve tried a number of the other software applications that are available. Some did not work so well and others quite well. Some I thought were pretty cool and when I’d share what I’d found with my girlfriend, she’d say, “That’s pretty cool.”

But when she saw Roon she said, “That’s awesome!” and “That looks amazing!”

If Roon becomes just another cool app for digital music hobbyists that’s alright by me. I would continue to have a great time with that.

But I’d also be disappointed to see it fall short of what it could be. Roon has brought the art of music back to those of us who are computer audio enthusiasts, it can bring it back to the masses too. J


I’d like to second that. The software and concept is awesome. I’ve tried using many apps over the years but always stayed with iTunes, because despite a few minor problems every other software had a few even worse problems. Yet despite Apple having everything in place (content, meta-data, biographies, ‘genius’ recommendations, iOS remote apps, at times even an attempt at social media), they somehow failed to do what roon just did – connect all the little pieces, add additional content from various sources and even pull off really good integration with a streaming service – none of which roon operate themselves. Quite an amazing feat. Which wouldn’t be worth much if they didn’t also know how to do really good interface design.

I’ve got a handful of feature requests before I can finally let iTunes go (the least likely to be implemented probably multichannel support), but to see the music-mgmt/playback-software i’ve always dreamt about all of a sudden on my screen is quite cool. To say the least.


Hear, hear.


Food for Thought:

Roon was on Mark Knopfler’s page when she saw it. I’m a pretty big MK fan and think he’s aged pretty well for a rockstar, but he’s not Brandon Flowers or Rob Thomas. Knopfler is a very impressive artist, but It was the art, not the artist, my girlfriend was almost overcome by and I am too.

Are you?

I’d like to know what you think.

I know what @chr and @AndersVinberg think and want to thank them for their replies.

Not up for writing anything? No worries. Liking the original post like @danny @chrisbyrd @Carl @Skywatcher @mike and @RBM did will get your message across just fine. (Thanks to them as well.)

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