Unable to add mp3 stream

I just recently started using Roon, and after finding the Live Radio implementation, thought I’d add the stream a friend of mine has a weekly show on. I haven’t been able to get it to work though, and Roon support suggested I turn to the forums, so:

The address to the raw mp3 of the stream is here: https://keithfem2.out.airtime.pro/keithfem2_a

which I’ve been unable to add. I re-read the official Live Radio support article, and noticed in their sample at the bottom of the page, they were linking to a .pls file with a reference to the mp3, instead of to the mp3 directly.

So, I took their sample pls, edited it to contain the mp3 url above, and hosted it online so I could try adding to Roon that way, but still keep getting the “no stream can be found” error.

Am I missing something? or is there another way to add a custom/unlisted mp3 radio stream?

Hello @ZachB , you weren’t missing anything; Roon doesn’t like that stream for some reason. Never mind, I’ve found an alternative one and added Keith F'em for you. Just use the magnifying glass.

(I’ll inform the devs about the problem stream)

Hey @BrianW, thanks for looking into this and resolving so soon! That’s odd about the stream, but glad you were able to find a workaround while the devs investigate.

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