Unable to add radio station to Live Radio

Description of Issue

I would like to add radio station KTSUFM 90.9 out of Houston Texas…I’ve tried the tunein URL((KTSU the Choice, 90.9 FM, Houston-Galveston, TX | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn)
and the webstream(KTSU 90.9FM) and the website address (Listen Live Online KTSUFM 90.9 - KTSU Radio 90.9FM) but for each link get the error(roon could not find a radio station at this URL), or with the Tunein link it adds the station but does not play

thanks for your help

According to the TuneIn website, “This station is not currently available.”

Something awry here. I’ve found a working stream but Roon doesn’t like it - I don’t know why. I can’t find an alternative unfortunately. I’ll let the Devs know.

The TuneIn link is no good by the way.

Hello again @lenbell3 , I’ve added KTSU for you. Please check if OK.

(Roon’s problem was elsewhere)

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thanks where do i go to find where you added KTSU…My Live Radio? then add stations? and browse stations or manually add?


hello, Im currently listening to KTSU on Tunein

hello Im currently listening to KTSU FM on Tunein via mobile app

Brian i found KTSU and added the station, thanks for your help. Case closed.

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Hello @lenbell3 , the easiest way to find most stations is to use the magnifying glass (top right). I should have explained, sorry.

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Thanks, i have one more local station that i cannot access via roon… this station is not available on tunein but is able to be streamed online


would love assistance with accessing this station via roon


Hello again @lenbell3 , I’ve added KPVU for you, please check if OK.

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Thanks Brian… KPVU works perfectly

Hi Brian, I’ve got trouble adding Popup Player | IBIZA LIVE RADIO to My Live Radio. I’ve also tried adding the TuneIn link, alas to no avail.
Could you please help me out adding it for me?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Cheers, Job

Hello @Job_Jalink , I’ve added Ibiza Live Radio for you. Please check if OK.

Hi Brian,

Many thanks for your swift response! I’ve found the station and its broadcast is working through Roon. Have a nice day!

Cheers, Job

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