Unable to configure, ssh or even ping RoPiee, but it plays music

I have three RPi4 based RoPieee endpoints, all on wifi, with IP addresses reserved in the router. I’ve given all of them unique names in the RoPieee web configuration page. Occasionally, one of them becomes unreachable via the web interface, ssh or even ping. Another symptom is it will appear under Devices for one of the other two units, but temperature reported is blank. But it is visible in Roon and happily plays music. Obviously, it is also visible in my router’s admin page. Rebooting the unit fixes the problem. Only this unit has the problem, the other two are fine.

Any ideas? Obviously, this is not a big problem as I am able to play music!


Early on with Ropieee, I had a similar problem.

I couldn’t connect to it, but it played music.

I stopped worrying about it, but eventually I reflashed the card.

Its just my OCD :slight_smile: There are reports of the RPi ssh/ping issue unrelated to RoPieee, so this might be a generic issue?

I would flash a different SD card and reinstall as a first option

I have the problem that the web server hangs on me after some time. I can’t get to the web admin page, but the unit plays just fine. Roon plays, the display works, touching the display controls things. The IR remote works too. I just can’t get to the web admin page.

I have been enjoying the beta OS’s and joined the beta channel when the prospect of hardware volume control for airplay was on the horizon and I’ve never left. I log into the web page to see if there is an update and to restart the unit for an update.

I have to ssh in and run this command: systemctl restart ropieee-web

Then everything is great again for a while. I thought I had it isolated to using a fixed IP, as it seemed to stay alive longer with a DHCP connection, but I’m wrong.

But oddly, the system is happy and plays music and does everything I want it to do, the web interface just hangs.


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I’m now observing this behavior with the other RoPieee’s as well, so I think it is a OS/software issue and flashing the SD card won’t really help.

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